21. Oktober 2008


Tämä on Suomessa asuvan saksalaisen biisintekijän ja toimittajan blogi. Tervetuloa.

Dies ist der Blog eines deutschen Songwriters und Musikjournalisten. Herzlich willkommen.

This is the blog of a german songwriter and music journalist. A warm welcome to you.

Shure MV7X vs Shure SM57

24. November 2021
Recording a Blues harp.
Recording a guitar amp.

The Secret Door

25. August 2021

„The Secret Door“

• Words by Frank D Badenius

• Music by Martin Berka **

I’m a great admirer of Jeff Lynne’s oeuvre, and I’d been wanting to write something in the ELO style for quite some time. Writing the music was easy, but I wasn’t satsfied with any of my lyrical ideas, so I turned to my friend Frank Badenius for help. He came up with very nice words that fit the music to a tee. So here it is – The Secret Door…

Having a lot of fun with Loota Percussion

22. April 2021

Neu track: 15-oh-five (toi laittoi)

20. Mai 2020

McCartney cover : Ram On

3. April 2020

Possut ja siilit

14. Oktober 2019

New song – Renewable Energy

22. Mai 2019

WayCola at Bar Zebra; 1 December 2018

5. Dezember 2018


• Meetu Teerikangas – keyboards
• Juuso Harakka – bass
• Jarmo Uimonen – drums
• Antti Hassinen – lead guitar + backing vocals
• Martin Berka – vocals + rhythm guitar

I’m Carrying (uke cover)

7. September 2018

„Neonlicht“ – a Kraftwerk cover

30. Juli 2018