Drumming is fun!

4. Oktober 2011


I’m in the process of testing the Olympus LS-20M audio/video recorder.

Drums are a good sound source for testing transient response, so here I am trying not to make a complete idiot out of myself  😉

Hairloss Manana has GAS

5. Mai 2011

My man Hairloss Manana (Latin Rock Legend) and I have recorded a track called Guitar (G-A-S) today. The lyrics deal with the issue of „guitar lust“ or Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

The track was recorded using the Tascam DP-03 and some quality microphones from Shure and Neumann.

Guitar (G-A-S)

Nothing To Fear – stripped down

3. Mai 2011

I’m reviewing Tascam’s new, ultra-portable DP-03 Portastudio for Riffi at the moment.

To test the built-in microphones I recorded one of Frank’s (and my) older songs afresh:

Nothing to Fear – office version 2011

This was recorded in our rather reverberant office using only the Portastudio’s own signal processing.

One more Gordon-Smith-teaser

13. November 2010

Gordon-Smith-kitarat nyt Suomessa!

11. November 2010

Yllättävän edulliset, englantilaiset Gordon-Smith-kitarat on nyt saatavilla Suomessakin.

Olen juuri kirjoittamassa testiartikkelia kolmesta mallista… stay tuned!

Having fun with Propellerhead’s Record-software

20. September 2010

I’m reviewing Record for our magazine at the moment.

I recorded the following piece of music using Record’s own ID8-synth/sample player for the drums and keyboard parts. The bass is Riffi’s Fender Jazz DI’d straight into Record.

For the guitar parts I used the DBZ Bolero GX Bone Church -model I tested the other day.

The lead guitar is one take (take 3) with no edits or overdubs whatsoever.  😀

Wailing on Record

Ein Familientreffen

17. August 2010

Ich schreibe gerade einen Testbericht über den Fender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass.

Auf dem Bild von oben nach unten:

• mein 1985er Squier (Japan) Jazz Bass Standard

• der Fender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass

• unser Redaktionsbass, ein japanischer Fender 1962 Jazz Bass Premium

Riffi 04/2010 on ilmestynyt

11. Juni 2010

Lehdessä on taas paljon luettavaa, esimerkiksi minun Gibson/Epiphone-juttu.

Täytämällä Riffin palautesivun voit tällä kertaa voittaa MXR Phase 90 -phaserin.

This is why I love to go to work

8. Juni 2010

… read the review in the August-issue of Riffi!

Thinline taster

5. Mai 2010

Right now I’m checking out these two thinline beauties – the Gibson ES-330L and the Epiphone „Inspired by John Lennon“ Revolution Casino.

My review will be published in the near future in Riffi-magazine.