Authentic Hendrix? Gibson’s signature debacle

25. September 2009

In September 2009 the guitar world was set alight by the news of an upcoming Gibson Jimi Hendrix Signature model.

But, what seemed like an interesting idea at first materialised into this:



A Jimi Hendrix Signature line consisting of three different beginner’s packs of Stratocaster clones, cheap mini-amps and cheesy „case candy“.  There was talk of a US-made model, but this never made it onto Gibson’s website.

Most people expected Gibson to come out with a nice, affordable-for-the-mere-mortal version of Jimi’s very tasty painted Flying V.


A storm broke loose amongst the guitar lovers in the internet-community; as a result the whole project was scrapped abruptly at the very last moment.

Here Comes The Sun

15. September 2009

Als coole All-Star-Version mit George, Ringo, Jeff Lynne, Elton John, Phil Collins, Ray Cooper und Mark King.