Having fun with Propellerhead’s Record-software

20. September 2010

I’m reviewing Record for our magazine at the moment.

I recorded the following piece of music using Record’s own ID8-synth/sample player for the drums and keyboard parts. The bass is Riffi’s Fender Jazz DI’d straight into Record.

For the guitar parts I used the DBZ Bolero GX Bone Church -model I tested the other day.

The lead guitar is one take (take 3) with no edits or overdubs whatsoever.  😀

Wailing on Record

Vor Selbstmitleid triefend…

17. September 2010

Ich fand heute beim Stöbern folgende „Perle“:

Self-Pity – 2010 remaster

Da hatte ich vor 15 Jahren wohl eine kleine „Krise“…


Fuelled – check them out…now!

10. September 2010

One of the best newcomers in hard rock for quite some while must be the band Fuelled.

Check them out.

Their new EP contains four classy, high-octane songs. The recording quality is top-notch (imho).