I put the bass back…

25. Mai 2011

When Roman heard yesterday’s stripped down mix of Earthquake he said: „Not too bad; but where’s dee bass, mon?“  🙂

So I put my bass back into the mix:

Earthquake – stripped plus bass

A new idea for a ballad

25. Mai 2011

Hit upon this here half an hour ago; just me and my Epiphone Casino straight into Garageband…

New Idea 25_05_2011

Roman and Martin get intimate

24. Mai 2011

Here’s a new, stripped-down version of Earthquake for all you Roman Schatz -fans out there:

Earthquake – stripped version

Hairloss Manana has GAS

5. Mai 2011

My man Hairloss Manana (Latin Rock Legend) and I have recorded a track called Guitar (G-A-S) today. The lyrics deal with the issue of „guitar lust“ or Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

The track was recorded using the Tascam DP-03 and some quality microphones from Shure and Neumann.

Guitar (G-A-S)

Nothing To Fear – stripped down

3. Mai 2011

I’m reviewing Tascam’s new, ultra-portable DP-03 Portastudio for Riffi at the moment.

To test the built-in microphones I recorded one of Frank’s (and my) older songs afresh:

Nothing to Fear – office version 2011

This was recorded in our rather reverberant office using only the Portastudio’s own signal processing.