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13. Mai 2014

English version by „yours truly“  😀



Lotion — Having fun with the Dance-genre

6. September 2011

I recorded this track a year ago as a demo for my dear friend Roman Schatz.

The lyrics are meant very much tongue-in-cheek, as a jibe at the brainless lyrics on a lot of Dance music tracks.

Enjoy!   😀   😀

Lotion (jack-o-foot) – Scratch Vox Version

I put the bass back…

25. Mai 2011

When Roman heard yesterday’s stripped down mix of Earthquake he said: „Not too bad; but where’s dee bass, mon?“  🙂

So I put my bass back into the mix:

Earthquake – stripped plus bass

Roman and Martin get intimate

24. Mai 2011

Here’s a new, stripped-down version of Earthquake for all you Roman Schatz -fans out there:

Earthquake – stripped version

Earthquake – remixed

14. April 2011

Earthquake – Remix

Earthquake (Schatz/Berka)

Roman Schatz – vocals, ideas and opinions

Martin Berka – backing vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards and programming

…and Roman sang!

2. April 2011


We just finished our vocal session a couple of minutes ago.


Here’s the result (lyrics: Roman Schatz; music: Martin Berka):


„Neulich“ im Fernsehen

1. April 2011

MTV3 (Finnland) vor ca. einem Jahr…