John Legend -Cover – „All of me“

4. Juni 2015

„All of me“ by Milos Berka

My Queen

25. November 2014

Egotrippi Mestaripiirros in English

2. Juli 2014

Still running up that hill…

2. April 2014

Every Night – Paul McCartney cover

5. Februar 2013

I recorded a cover of „Cecilia“

10. Mai 2012

Had some fun with the old Simon & Garfunkel track „Cecilia“:


Maybe I’m Amazed – a cover version

17. Juni 2011

This is a cover version of Paul McCartney’s classic song sung by Frank (Badenius) with the instruments and some backing vocals supplied by myself.

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Here is a higher quality mp3 of the same mix:

Maybe I’m Amazed – Badenius & Berka


And here’s my one-take, throwaway pilot vocal I sent to Frank along with the playback:

Maybe I’m Amazed – Martin’s rough guide vox