Elation – remixed

14. April 2011

Elation – Remix

Elation (Berka) – The Streetbrothers

Martin Berka – vocals, bass, hand claps

Hannu Seppä – guitars, hand claps

Timo Raita – keyboards, hand claps

Anssi Lehtivuori – drums, percussion, hand claps

Earthquake – remixed

14. April 2011

Earthquake – Remix

Earthquake (Schatz/Berka)

Roman Schatz – vocals, ideas and opinions

Martin Berka – backing vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards and programming

Elation – The Streetbrothers Go Motown

5. April 2011

Here it is – the finished version of Elation:



Elation (Berka)

Anssi Lehtivuori – drums, percussion, handclaps

Hannu Seppä – guitars, handclaps

Timo Raita – keyboards, handclaps

MB – vocals, backing vocals, bass guitar, handclaps


Recorded at Viherlaakson Bändipaja (thanks, guys, for the great job you did) and The Closet (vocals).

…and Roman sang!

2. April 2011


We just finished our vocal session a couple of minutes ago.


Here’s the result (lyrics: Roman Schatz; music: Martin Berka):


„Neulich“ im Fernsehen

1. April 2011

MTV3 (Finnland) vor ca. einem Jahr…


1. April 2011

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