Roman and Martin – Progress, what progress?

30. März 2011

I still have a friggin‘ sore throat, but that doesn’t keep me from futzing around in my home studio.

Today I experimented with a „cooler“ take on a guitar solo for the track Roman and I are working on:

Ze Mystery Track – Jazzy Solo Teaser

I’m playing my P-Man-bass and the Hamer Studio Custom.

Roman and Martin – Here’s a short teaser for you!

28. März 2011

My man Roman and I spent a very creative and inspiring Friday afternoon on writing and recording a new song.

He had the lyrics, and I had the Clavinet-riffs   😀

Roman’s going to sing this one, so you all stay tuned.

We’re not going to give away the title, yet.

Here’s a teaser: R&M mystery teaser

„Elation“ at the progress

23. März 2011

Here’s the first mix of the whole backing:

Elation – Backing Mix 1


Anssi Lehtivuori: drums, percussion, handclaps

Hannu Seppä: guitars, handclaps

Timo Raita: keyboards, handclaps

Martin Berka: bass, handclaps

Mask 4 Fun – A Virtual Reunion

14. März 2011

Mask 4 Fun reunited for Klaus‚ newest CD, thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

Here we are with a fresh recording of Klaus‘ song The Blues Real Bad:

Klaus on piano and main vocals, Sebastian on guitar and backing vocals, Mekio on drums, and „yours truly“ on bass and backing vocals.

The Blues Real Bad – 2010 Version

Freedom – the YouTube-Video

12. März 2011

The pictures say it all – these people need our help…

A big „thank you!“ to Oliver for his work.

Elation – still in the works, sorry!

8. März 2011

But here’s the live-in-the-studio (Bändipaja, Espoo) take of drums (Anssi Lehtivuori), guitar (Hannu Seppä) and bass (MB) that will be the core of the finished recording.

Elation – live take

Three Chords and the Truth?

2. März 2011

…well, more like five chords and the ramblings of a fat old cat…

🙂    🙂

Freedom (and a future for our children)



Here’s a mono remix for the friends of 1960s singles:

Freedom – mono version

I Feel Some Rock Coming Up :-)

1. März 2011

Just got hit by some rock-riffs I had to record pronto:

Rock Idea 01_03_2011


I think I will have to write a nice top-line and some fitting lyrics soon   🙂     🙂