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14. Oktober 2019

First look – Ogre Guitars Magnox-M1

18. August 2015

„Just one more!“ – Living with G.A.S.

8. Juni 2015

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Just one more…pleeeeeeze!


We’ve all seen the memes on social media, haven’t we? And let’s be honest – there’s plenty of truth in them!

Many – if not most – of us guitarists seem to have an annoying tendency to want to amass a wide selection of instruments and/or effect pedals and/or guitar amps for personal use. This gear lust, which often leads to crammed living conditions, empty pockets, and considerable trouble with our significant other, is generally known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome, colloquially shortened to G.A.S. (or GAS).

It seems that GAS has become ever more prevalent over the last couple of (or three) decades, but the roots of this problem reach as far back as popular music and the advent of mass media.

MM2015 – Schecter USA Sunset Custom


G.A.S. through the decades

The early days

Gibson Nick Lucas Signature

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly the onset of GAS, but many people would agree that Gibson’s

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Fuzz Guitar Show 2015 – meet the Fab Finns

11. Mai 2015

Kitarablogi.com – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Fuzz 2015 – from the top

The Fuzz Guitar Show 2015 in Gothenburg (Sweden) runs May 9th and 10th, 2015.

Four Finnish brands garnered considerable interest at the show:

Fuzz 2015 – Lottonen 1

Juha Lottonen and Juha Rinne (Lottonen Guitars) are fast becoming the go-to guys for small-bodied Folk and Blues guitars off the beaten path.
Lottonen Guitars mostly use alder (!) for their necks, as well as birch for many of their backs and sides.

Fuzz 2015 – Lottonen 2

Lottonen employ different bracing patterns and bridge designs to achieve a multitude of different guitar timbres.

Eric Bibb is the most famous Lottonen user.

Fuzz 2015 – Lottonen 3

Fingerstylists and Blues-pickers simply can’t get enough of the Lottonen tone.

Fuzz 2015 – Tyyster 1

Tyyster Guitars‚ dynamic duo and their mouth-watering metal-bodied guitars.

Fuzz 2015 – Tyyster 3

Ville Tyyster brought along an unfinished guitar to give you an idea of what goes into the making of a Tyyster Pelti.

Fuzz 2015 – Tyyster 2

Tyyster’s clear lines and cool colours whet your appetite. Their playability and sound will make…

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Kitarablogi’s „Book of Guitars Volume 2“ – iBooks-version out now!

2. April 2015

Kitarablogi.com – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

BoGVol2 – cover

Download your FREE Apple iBooks-version of Kitarablogi’s brand-new electronic book using this link:

Kitarablogi’s Book of Guitars 2

(You don’t need to have a Dropbox account to download – simply close the Sign In-window!)

An Android-compatible PDF-version will be released in early May.


BoGVol2 – cover

Lataa itsellesi nyt ILMAISEKSI Apple iBooks -versio Kitarablogin uudesta e-kirjasta tästä linkistä:

Kitarablogi’s Book of Guitars 2

(Voit imuroida tiedoston myös ilman omaa Dropbox-tiliä – klikkaa yksinkertaisesti Dropboxin Sign In -ikkuna pois!)

Android-yhteensopiva PDF-versio ilmestyy toukokuun alussa.

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Klangbeispiele: Bogner Harlow, Wessex und Burnley

26. März 2015

Der Gitarrenblog

Reinhold Bogner

Reinhold Bogners neueste Effektpedalserie ist in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Grand Old Man der Studioelektronik, Rupert Neve, entstanden.

Rupert Neve

Bogner Harlow – inside

Das Besondere an den drei neuen Bodentretern bilden Neves speziell entwickelte Ausgangstrafos, ein Feature, welches man sonst eher mit Röhrenamps in Verbindung bringt.

Bogner-pedals teaser – w lights

Zur Zeit umfasst die Bogner/Neve-Serie drei Pedale:

• Bogner Harlow – ein Boosterpedal mit eingebautem Bloom-Kompressor

• Bogner Wessex – eine Overdrive-Zerre

• Bogner Burnley – ein Distortion-Pedal

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Bogner/Neve Harlow, Wessex + Burnley – The Kitarablogi-demo

18. März 2015