Elation – The Streetbrothers

16. Juni 2015


Elation (Berka) – The Streetbrothers

Martin Berka – vocals, bass, hand claps

Hannu Seppä – guitars, hand claps

Timo Raita – keyboards, hand claps

Anssi Lehtivuori – drums, percussion, hand claps

Recorded at Viherlaakson Bändipaja (thanks, guys, for the great job you did) and The Closet (vocals).

My Queen

25. November 2014

Oak Tree – Die Studiker

19. August 2014

My father Jaroslav Berka playing the drums for Die Studiker…

Egotrippi Mestaripiirros in English

2. Juli 2014

Still running up that hill…

2. April 2014

Let Me Think About It – 2013 Remaster

11. Oktober 2013

Noodling on my Kantare L100C

11. Oktober 2013

Kantare front


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