Ableton, Akai und – der Blues?!

22. Januar 2010

Arbeite zur Zeit an einem Testbericht über Ableton’s Live 8 -Software und den Akai-Controller dafür (APC40).

Um das Gespann richtig ausprobieren zu können, muss man natürlich auch etwas Musik damit machen; und die klingt in meinem Fall so:

Twin A Blues – Master

Die Gitarrenloops habe ich mit unserer Referenzgitarre (Epiphone Slash Goldtop) und dem neuen Marshall JMD1-Kombo aufgenommen (den mein Kollege A-J gerade testet).


Forgotten and Forlorn – the Handsonic Version

31. Dezember 2009

One of my sons got a Roland Handsonic 10 for Christmas.

This fantastic device lets you play digital percussion the right way – by hand.

I felt inspired to give my song Forgotten and Forlorn a new arrangement.

I played all percussion sounds by hand with no timing correction.

Forgotten and Forlorn (Handsonic Version)

Vocals recorded at SG Studio, Helsinki, using an A.I.R Fat Boy -microphone.

Semis with P-90s and humbuckers – a comparison

9. Dezember 2009

I thought you guys and girls might be interested in a real-world, no-nonsense sound comparison between the P-90 pickup and the humbucker using gear a mere mortal can afford.

I’m using my Japanese Kasuga 335-copy from the late 70s/early 80s, which has very nice moderate level humbuckers, and my Korean Epiphone Casino (c. 2002) which Sebastian equipped with Göldo P-90s.

The guitars were recorded using a Roland Micro-Cube straight via the Digidesign M-Box 2 into Garageband.

All clips have the Casino going first panned slightly left and the Kasuga second placed slightly to the right.

Here are the neck pickups: Front Master

Next up both guitars with the selector switch in the middle position: Both Master

This is what the bridge pickups sound like: Bridge Master

And finally the rhythm guitars in the middle position with bluesy solos on top; first the Casino, then the Kasuga, both with their bridge pickups engaged: Both plus Solo Master

By the way (thanks Hannu):

Have you seen this video featuring two rather talented young guitarists, who play very similar looking guitars?

Aaaaaargh – this is my Final Word

21. Oktober 2009

This recording is driving me nuts! I’m on the quest for the perfect mix, but I think this has to be it – my final word on this subject matter – or I will go insane    😉

So here is today’s version of the song – no more, finito: Forgotten and Forlorn (final mix)

The vocals were recorded using the Fat Boy from the new A.I.R Microphones brand. Check out the review of several A.I.R-mikes in December’s Riffi-magazine.

I Did the Unthinkable!

13. Oktober 2009

Having listened a lot to Little Boots‚ excellent album Hands lately, I did the unthinkable and mixed my remake of Forgotten and Forlorn in the same style.

Normally I’d do my utmost to keep everything clean and crisp (especially the vocals), but this time I mixed and mastered everything deliberately overdriven and crunchy.

Hope you like it!

Forgotten and Forlorn – remake

Olen viime aikoina kuunnellut paljon Little Boots:in loistavaa albumia Hands. Hänen inspiroimana tein jotain ennennäkemätöntä ja miksasin Forgotten and Forlorn -biisin uuden version samalla tavalla.

Tavallisesti yritän pitää kaiken todella puhtaana, mutta nyt lisäsin tahallisesti säröä ja rosoisuutta masteriin.

Toivottavasti pidätte biisistä!

Bin Ohne Dich – für die Freunde der deutschen Sprache

6. Oktober 2009

Während ich darauf warte, dass die gegenwärtige Hektik abflaut – und mein rauher Hals mir endlich die Gelegenheit gibt, die neue Version von Forgotten and Forlorn zu singen – erstmal als Schmankerl Bin Ohne Dich aus dem Jahr 2002.

Der super-duper Text ist von Frank Badenius (danke, mal wieder!).

Bin Ohne Dich – 2009 Remaster

Jäi jäljellä…

25. Juni 2009


Kaipaus (c)  (p)  2000

san – Pauli Rissanen

säv, sov – Martin Berka

Pauli – laulu, taustalaulu

Martin – kaikki soittimet