Nachtcafé – das Original

15. März 2012

So klingt Uwes Demo von „Nachtcafé“:

Nachtcafé – Original Version

Elation – 2012 Remaster

15. März 2012

I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the way my Motown-ish song Elation had turned out (April 2011). It kept on bothering me, so I revisited the track, and realised that the problem was more with my mastering than with the mix itself.

Now here’s a remastered version, which I consider to be the finished track, finally.

Elation – 2012 remaster

Elation (Berka) – The Streetbrothers

Martin Berka – vocals, bass, hand claps

Hannu Seppä – guitars, hand claps

Timo Raita – keyboards, hand claps

Anssi Lehtivuori – drums, percussion, hand claps

Recorded at Viherlaakson Bändipaja (thanks, guys, for the great job you did) and The Closet (vocals).

Halt mich! – Text von Frank, Musik von mir…

14. März 2012


Halt mich!

Words: Frank D. Badenius — Music: Martin Berka

All vocals and instruments: Martin Berka.

Halt mich! © Badenius & Berka

Nachtcafé – ein Tribut

8. März 2012

Nachtcafé (Text & Musik: Uwe Köpke)

Nachtcafé – Klaus Porath (featuring Martin Berka)


Klaus Porath – Hauptgesang, Klavier, Tasteninstrumente

Uwe Köpke (✝) – akustische Gitarre, Gesang

Martin Berka – Handsonic, E-Bass, akustische und elektrische Gitarren, Pro Tools, Chöre

Gemischt im November 2010


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7. März 2012


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