Oak Tree – Die Studiker

19. August 2014

My father Jaroslav Berka playing the drums for Die Studiker…

My father on TV in 1971

3. September 2013

Jaroslav Berka playing the drums for Die Studiker…

My Father Jaroslav: the Missing Link

29. Dezember 2008

I caught the music bug off my father Jaroslav, who was a drummer.

He started off in (what was then) Czechoslovakia in the Sixties. Jaro emmigrated to the West in 1969, while he was playing the Jazz Clubs and US Army Bases in Austria, Switzerland and southern Germany with Prague’s Reduta Jazz Revival Band.

In the Seventies my father was with one of Germany’s best showbands Die Studiker.

Sadly, my parents divorced in the late Seventies, and Jaro left Germany for Australia. I haven’t heard from him since…

Here are two pictures from the mid-Seventies. In the promo-picture you can spot Jaroslav in the second row (fourth from left overall). Behind his right shoulder (the guy in the last row at the far left) is organist Werner Becker, known to many in Germany as the easy-listening band-leader Anthony Ventura.


That’s what Anthony Ventura looked like on his records:


A big thank you to my uncle Karel for tracking me down, and to my uncle Pavel for providing me with the old photos of Jaro.