Lisää Mask 4 Fun:iä

19. Januar 2009

Until Now -tekeleemme (ilmestyi 1986 kassettina) antimia tämäkin raita:

Set Me Free – 2008 Remaster


More of the old MASK 4 FUN -stuff

14. Januar 2009

Here’s a „classic“ <snigger> recording from the damp and dusty 80s  😉

„My“ old band Mask 4 Fun and a song of mine called The Pearl:

The Pearl

More M4F-recordings can be found here or here. The drummer on this recording was Andreas Pockrandt.

For fans of band-trivia: if you listen closely, you can hear a car passing on the cobblestone road while I was doing the vocals between the first and second verse   🙂

Jotain vanhempaa…

26. November 2008

Tämä biisi oli yksi niistä, joita soitettiin alla mainitun vanhan bändini Mask 4 Fun:in kanssa. Äänitin tätä versiota vuonna 1995, sen jälkeen kun muutin Suomeen.


This is one of my old numbers we used to do with my former Band Mask 4 Fun, way back when. This recording, however, is a solo version I recorded in 1995, and has me playing all the parts. The bass is a fretless 1976 Fender Precision.


Danke Sebastian, für das tolle Solo des Originals, welches ich hier nachgespielt habe!


The Pearl 1995