The Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube in action!

27. August 2014

Seymour Duncan SA-1 + Tanglewood TW28-CSN

Ostin itselleni hiljattain Seymour Duncanin SA-1 Acoustic Tube -mikrofonin, koska etsin helppoa mikkiratkaisua akustisia keikkoja varten. Huomasin, että netistä löytyy melko vähän tietoa tästä magneettisesta mikrofonista, siksi tämä tietoisku:

SA-1 on humbuckermikki kahdella päällekkäisillä keloilla (ns. stack-rakenne), jolla on sisäänrakennettu volume-säädin.

Pidän siitä, että Acoustic Tube -mikrofonilla on vain lyhyt johto, joka loppuu laadukkaan jakkiin. Jakkia voi kiinnittää esimerkiksi kitarahihnaan, ja sitten voi käyttää tavallista kitarajohtoa SA-1:stä DI-boksiin, mikseriin tai akustiseen vahvistimeen.

Parasta tässä mikrofonissa on kuitenkin sen soundi, joka on yllättävän luonnollinen, kun ottaa huomioon, että kyseessä on suhteellisen edullinen, pelkästään magneettisesti toimiva mikki.

Lisätietoja saa Musamaailmalta.



I recently went out and bought myself a Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube pickup, because I needed an easy-to-use pickup solution for acoustic live gigs. Strangely, there’s not that much information on this pickup available on the Internet, which is why I decided to give you a short decription of the SA-1:

The SA-1 is a stacked humbucker pickup featuring a built-in volume control.

I like the fact that Duncan’s Acoustic Tube comes with only a short pickup lead that ends in a high-quality phone jack. You can tape the jack to your guitar strap and then run a normal guitar cable from the SA-1 to your DI Box, mixing console or acoustic amplifier.

The best thing about this soundhole pickup is its sound, though, which is very natural and offers plenty of sparkle – especially considering that the SA-1 is a relatively affordable, purely magnetic pickup.

Seymour Duncan products are distributed in Finland by Musamaailma.


On being a House-Husband…

21. Juli 2009

I’m Doing Fine was written and recorded in 1998.

The lyrics deals with my annoyance at most men’s unwillingness to dedicate themselves to the upbringing of their offspring. Even though we claim to be living in the age of female „liberation“ the role models are still mostly stereotypical, when it comes to a parent’s responsibility for his or her child. Daddy goes to work and makes money, mummy stays at home or tears herself in two.

This song is a good example how the „right“ instrument can influence the way a song turns out.

I’m Doing Fine is all about the Gibson Les Paul Junior and the way its P-90 pickup lets the harmonics jump out.

Enjoy the song: I’m Doing Fine – 2009 remaster

More info about my 1987 Junior can be found here.

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