I Did the Unthinkable!

13. Oktober 2009

Having listened a lot to Little Boots‚ excellent album Hands lately, I did the unthinkable and mixed my remake of Forgotten and Forlorn in the same style.

Normally I’d do my utmost to keep everything clean and crisp (especially the vocals), but this time I mixed and mastered everything deliberately overdriven and crunchy.

Hope you like it!

Forgotten and Forlorn – remake

Olen viime aikoina kuunnellut paljon Little Boots:in loistavaa albumia Hands. Hänen inspiroimana tein jotain ennennäkemätöntä ja miksasin Forgotten and Forlorn -biisin uuden version samalla tavalla.

Tavallisesti yritän pitää kaiken todella puhtaana, mutta nyt lisäsin tahallisesti säröä ja rosoisuutta masteriin.

Toivottavasti pidätte biisistä!

„I Believe In Love“ – Here’s the new demo NOW REMASTERED och nu en gång till

13. Mai 2009

Here at last is my new demo, a song called I believe in love.

I recorded it at SG Studio in Helsinki, using a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 -system and their Capture-software.

I played all the instruments myself – including Lauri’s very tasty Ludwig-drumkit and Tommi’s Les Paul.

Here it is: I Believe In Love

The above master is mega-shite, and should be issued with a health warning. „Too much compression can ruin your mix“ 😦

Here is a fresh remaster – one that hasn’t been battered to death by brickwall limiting:

I Believe In Love – remaster

N.B.: Please make sure to listen to my stuff by clicking on the link. The pop-up Flash-player has too little headroom to play all of the stuff distortion-free.

>@$£&%!< The thing about how one has to suffer for his/her art seems to have been meant for me. The remaster seemed very limp on second thought, so I switched the platform from ProTools to Garageband and used Apple’s (Logic) AU-plug-ins. The multiband compressor with the peak limiter seems to have done the trick. I even tried a stand-alone dedicated mastering suite, but this version simply sounded the best.

So here it is, then:        I Believe In Love – remaster 2