Lucy – Here’s a proper version of our new song

31. Januar 2011

I have recorded a proper demo of Frank’s and my song Lucy.


The new recording incorporates some elements from the rough demo, but now also features even more mandolin, added percussion and brass sounds, my Höfner 500/1 and much better vocals.



„Lucy“ – here’s the first rough demo

20. Januar 2011

I don’t know how Frank does it, but he seems to have a knack of writing lyrics that seem to want to become a song.

Yesterday I had a time slot of two-and-a-half hours between coming home from work and having to cook the dinner.

The song practically wrote itself – with a little help from my mandolin – and I managed to record and mix a very rough, very basic version of „Lucy“ – all in the allotted time. And then I went and cooked spaghetti 😀

Here she is: Lucy – rough demo

Kiinalainen kaunotar – Kentucky KM-630

5. Januar 2011

Kentucky KM-630 on kaunis kokopuinen Bluegrass-mandoliini Kiinasta.