…and Roman sang!

2. April 2011


We just finished our vocal session a couple of minutes ago.


Here’s the result (lyrics: Roman Schatz; music: Martin Berka):


Roman and Martin – Here’s a short teaser for you!

28. März 2011

My man Roman and I spent a very creative and inspiring Friday afternoon on writing and recording a new song.

He had the lyrics, and I had the Clavinet-riffs   😀

Roman’s going to sing this one, so you all stay tuned.

We’re not going to give away the title, yet.

Here’s a teaser: R&M mystery teaser

Three Chords and the Truth?

2. März 2011

…well, more like five chords and the ramblings of a fat old cat…

🙂    🙂

Freedom (and a future for our children)



Here’s a mono remix for the friends of 1960s singles:

Freedom – mono version