Guitar Porn – Schecter Hellraiser Studio Acoustic

29. Januar 2013 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Schecter Hellraiser Studio Acoustic – body angle 2

Schecter probably aren’t known so much as manufacturers of acoustic guitars, but they do carry a few acoustic-electric models in their current line-up. We picked up a new model from Schecter’s Hellraiser range for a review – the Hellraiser Studio Acoustic.


Schecter Hellraiser Studio Acoustic – full front

The Schecter Hellraiser Studio Acoustic (current street price in Finland approx. 600 €) is a stunning looker with a Grand Auditorium -sized, full-depth body.

Schecter Hellraiser Studio Acoustic – full back

The whole body – top, rims and back – is crafted from beautiful, laminated quilted maple. Our review sample sports a fetching see-through-black gloss finish.

The glued-in neck, which is finished in solid gloss black, is made from mahogany.

Schecter Hellraiser Studio Acoustic – headstock

Judging by its headstock shape, Schecter seems to be aiming the Hellraiser Studio squarely at the Rock and Metal crowd. The headstock features intricate binding in luscious grey pearloid framed by black and white strips of plastic.

Schecter Hellraiser Studio Acoustic – Grovers

The sealed Grover-tuners sport…

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