Thinline taster

Right now I’m checking out these two thinline beauties – the Gibson ES-330L and the Epiphone „Inspired by John Lennon“ Revolution Casino.

My review will be published in the near future in Riffi-magazine.

2 Responses to Thinline taster

  1. […] Riffi 04/2010 on ilmestynyt Lehdessä on taas paljon luettavaa, esimerkiksi minun Gibson/Epiphone-juttu. […]

  2. Elisa sagt:

    I love this epiphone guitar. I’ve seen it in so many music videos of John Lennon that it feels so familiar to me even though I have never played one. Same goes for his old ivory Rickenbacker which he painted particially black. *sigh* 🙂

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