The Road – a love song in a tranquil mood

Here’s an old track of mine from 1996 called The Road.

Playing something completely different on the keyboard, I made a mistake and hit upon the piano riff that’s the backbone of the song. The melody came together almost instantly, and even the lyrics almost wrote itself.

I must admit I was in my Sting/Peter Gabriel -phase at that time, and envisioned this track with a slightly raspy, hoarse vocal. I even faked this vocal style during the writing process, but knocked it on the head for the recording of this demo, because it sounded just that – fake.

At that point in time I was still using a sound-on-sound digital set-up, which involved one stereo playback machine and one recorder with a mixing board in between. This meant that every instrument and vocal had to be recorded in one pass, as no dropping in or traditional overdubbing was possible.

The vocals took a long time to record – for me anyway. I think it took me three or four sessions to find the right mood for the song and sing it well enough to satisfy my basic quality standards.

And, yes, this really is an acoustic double bass you’re hearing laying the foundation  😉

Enjoy: The Road – 2009 Remaster

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