„I Believe In Love“ – Here’s the new demo NOW REMASTERED och nu en gång till

13. Mai 2009

Here at last is my new demo, a song called I believe in love.

I recorded it at SG Studio in Helsinki, using a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 -system and their Capture-software.

I played all the instruments myself – including Lauri’s very tasty Ludwig-drumkit and Tommi’s Les Paul.

Here it is: I Believe In Love

The above master is mega-shite, and should be issued with a health warning. „Too much compression can ruin your mix“ 😦

Here is a fresh remaster – one that hasn’t been battered to death by brickwall limiting:

I Believe In Love – remaster

N.B.: Please make sure to listen to my stuff by clicking on the link. The pop-up Flash-player has too little headroom to play all of the stuff distortion-free.

>@$£&%!< The thing about how one has to suffer for his/her art seems to have been meant for me. The remaster seemed very limp on second thought, so I switched the platform from ProTools to Garageband and used Apple’s (Logic) AU-plug-ins. The multiband compressor with the peak limiter seems to have done the trick. I even tried a stand-alone dedicated mastering suite, but this version simply sounded the best.

So here it is, then:        I Believe In Love – remaster 2