The Streetbrothers ride again! *new audio*

We also recorded one of mine during last Sunday’s session.

The track’s called The Truth Of The Matter an features a beautifully idiosyncratic, blues-tinged guitar-solo by Hannu Seppä (whose name translates straight into English as James Smith) on his equally beautiful ESP-LTD EC-guitar. Timo Raita (Timothy Stripe, really!) provides the moody electric piano and lush string lines. On drums and percussion the ever-funky Anssi Lehtivuori (Anthony Leafmountain). And of course it’s yours truly on bass and vocal duties.

And because I didn’t like the first mix after all, here’s a remix I made today:

The Truth Of The Matter – remix

PS: I don’t know why, but the pop-up Flash-player tends to distort the sound. I’d recommend clicking on the link…

One Response to The Streetbrothers ride again! *new audio*

  1. […] Truth Of The Matter hatte ich ja schon in der Version vom März diesen Jahres gepostet. Geschrieben hatte ich den Song Ende Januar 1999. Der auslösende Faktor war ein Keyboard-Test für […]

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